Best Seeds in Minecraft – 2022

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Want to take your game to a next level? Here, in this article we will tell you few Best Seeds in Minecraft which will make starting a new world easier than before. We have also included all important coordinates from each seed.

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Best Seeds In Minecraft

Seed in Minecraft is a string of numbers. You can put a seed in the seed section when creating a new world else it will generate a seed itself.

Seed 2100201543

In this seed, you will find a strange desert village which is definitely not like the usual village. This village has houses made on one another’s. This seed may be a glitch. Also, There is a pillager outpost nearby. But the villagers living there have an advantage of high altitude. So pillagers can’t kill them easily.

Important Coordinates –
Desert Village – 328 , 104
Pillager Outpost – 232 , 280
Desert Temple – 264 , 264
Ruined Portal – 232 , 200

Seed -892884632

One of the best seeds on minecraft. We can surely say that this is the only woodland mansion in 1.18 which is situated at such a high altitude. This is a perfect start for your survival world because you can get Totem of Undying from the mansion. But the mobs there are also dangerous.

Important Coordinates –
Woodland Mansion – 600 , 328
Village – -360 , 216
Ruined Portal – 152 , 40
Shipwreck – -376 , -328

Seed 969325560

Have you ever seen a village with a Pillager Outpost? Looks like in this seed, pillagers aren’t hostile. It’s time for you to save the village and erase the Outpost or let the pillagers kill the villagers.

Important Coordinates –
Village with Outpost – 232 , 248
Village – 216 , 792

Seed -826006579

Have you ever seen rare biomes in Minecraft next to each other? In this seed, you will see the Jungle biome and Badlands next to each other. You can also find Mushroom Island in this world which is the rarest biome.

Important Coordinates –
Jungle and Badlands Border – 1300 , 440
Mushroom Island – -710 , -75
Ocean Monument – -760 , 376

Is using seed a cheat?

Absolutely not, Seed is not any type of cheat or command. You also don’t need to set your world to creative to put a seed.

So these are the best seeds minecraft. Hope this article is helpful for you. Do try these seeds. See you in the next article.

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