Best Minecraft 1.18 Seeds for starting a new Survival world

Best Minecraft 1.18 Seeds for Survival World

The long awaited Minecraft 1.18 update has finally been released a few days ago. Here I’m going to show the best Minecraft 1.18 Seeds to start a survival world. Being the second part of the Caves & Cliffs update, 1.18 update mainly brings lots of new world generation related features to the game. These include several brand new biomes for mountains and caves, as well as some new world generation regulation.

Minecraft 1.18 update is the largest update in the game’s history. To help you explore the brand new world generation and new biomes, a custom world seed will be really awesome. Minecraft World seeds control how a new world generates in Minecraft. They’re a great way for players to start there new survival journey or find a in-game features like biomes.

What is Seed in Minecraft

Minecraft seeds are a type of custom codes that the game recognize to generate a specific worlds. The world may full of interesting landscapes, plains biome, near the edge of a vast ocean or full of resources to start a survival journey. To get a best seed as of your need, all you have to do is just grab the custom digits and place them correctly into the seed field when you’re creating your next Minecraft world.

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Best Minecraft 1.18 Seeds

The seed is -348192664. InThis seed spawns players in a very unique terrain. There’s a huge ravine just a few blocks from spawn point. In that ravine, gamers can find some useful ores such as coal, iron, and copper and may be a diamond.

Moving Forward, gamers will see a medium size village and also an ocean monument. There’s also a stronghold just under the village. So you can easily activate the end portal with some eye of ender.

Also in this seed you will find a lush cave and deep dark cave just beside the village. After exploring all this you will find a ruined portal with a chest and gold block. You need to repair the nether portal. In nether there’s a nether fortress and nether bastion very close to the portal.

Here’s all important Coordinates of the seed-

1st Village: 734 80 1292

Stronghold: 740 25 1353

Lush cave: 761 29 675

Amethyst geode: 745 28 670

Ocean monument: -842 60 -263

Pillager outpost: 296 114 328

Ruined portal : 717 100 1662

Nether bastion: -35 71 224

Nether fortress : 128 56 413

2nd Village: 616 80 1736

3rd Village: 251 80 2284

4th Village: 808 138 2304

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