Top 3 Best Structures in Minecraft

Structures in Minecraft

Structures are an essential part of a player’s journey in Minecraft because these structures help a player to get different type of resources in game. Structures are generated randomly in Minecraft. There are different types of Structures in the game and each all of them has different type of loot. Structures can be found everywhere; from Overworld to Nether, The End and every type of biome. Some Structures are common but some structures are rare. Here in this article I will tell you the top 3 Structures in Minecraft.

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3 Best Structures in Minecraft

Here are some of the best structures in Minecraft.

Woodland Mansion

Woodland Mansion has one of the best loots players can ever have in the game. Finding Woodland Mansion is a near to impossible task but you can get a Woodland Mansion map from Cartographer by trading with him. Woodland Mansion is a very big structure and it also has some of the most dangerous mobs in it like Vindicators, Evokers etc. Evokers drop Totem Of Undying when killed by a player. You can also find some diamond blocks in Mansion but they are hidden so you need to find them. There are also so many chests; some of them are empty but some of them have good items.


Although it is not very rare yet it is a very useful structure. There are houses in Village and there are chests and workstations in some of the houses. You can find a number of villagers living in the Village. Villagers are the one who make Village an useful structure. You can also trade with villagers. Definitely Village is a useful structure. Villages can be found in every biome – Plains, Desert, Snow Plains, Taiga everywhere.

End City

End Cities can be found in the End. These are very useful structures because of the Elytra; a thing which we can use to fly in game can be found here. Shulker, a box shaped hostile mob is also found here who drops Shulker Shell when killed by a player. Shulker Shells can be combined with Chests to make Shulker Boxes which are one of the most useful item in the game because it saves inventory and a lot of space which allows the players to carry many items at the same time.

So these are the top three structures which also have good loot inside them. Hope you find this article helpful. See you in a next article.

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