Minecraft 1.19 Update – New Mobs, Blocks, and More

The update for which we all have been waiting for so long ‘The 1.19 Wild Update’ will come in upcoming few days. This Minecraft 1.19 update will bring a lot of major changes including new biomes, features and mobs. In this article, we will tell you these major changes which are going to come in Minecraft and change the way the game looks.

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What is in the Minecraft 1.19 update?

This Minecraft new update will contain some of the most wanted features including the deep dark biome, deep dark cities, new blocks, the warden and a brand new mangrove biome variant.

New Blocks

This update will bring a variety of new blocks such as Sculk, Sculk Catalyst, Sculk Shrieker, Sculk Sensor, Sculk Vein, Froglight, Mud block, Mud bricks etc. Sculk blocks can also be used in automatic farms as they are classified in the Redstone section.

Deep Dark Biome

Deep dark biome

A new biome is going to be added in the 1.19 update that is known as the Deep Dark Biome which will spawn underground and come with a new structure called Deep Dark Cities. Sculk blocks will spawn in these cities which will allow Warden to spawn.


Minecraft Warden

Warden was planned to be released in the 1.18 update but sadly, it will come in the 1.19 update now. It’s a blind mob who can’t see anything but it will be one of the strongest mobs in Minecraft. It is so strong that it can kill the players in 1 hit. You will get blindness effect when it is near you.


Minecraft allay

It was the most voted mob in Minecraft Live 2021. Allay can be found in Woodland Mansion. This mob can be helpful when you have dropped your items somewhere by mistake. For example, if you dropped a diamond somewhere by mistake then give Allay 1 diamond and then it will find that item for you.

Boats with Chests

Minecraft new update

Tired of full inventory when you are on an adventure? Then this feature is for you. You can now place chests in boats. It will not only give you some space but also a non-living partner.


Frogs Minecraft

Frogs will spawn near water sources. They will spawn in different biomes so their texture will be different. Frogs will be of three types – Temperate, Cold and Warm.

Mangrove Trees

Mangrove trees will be found in the new Mangrove Swamp Biome. These trees will not grow from saplings instead they will grow from propagule.

So these are major changes that will come in the 1.19 update. So that’s it for today. See you in the next article.

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