Top 5 Most Rarest Enchantments on Minecraft

Enchantments are one of the most useful things in Minecraft. You can put enchantments on your tools and armor using Enchanting Table or Anvil. Enchantments make your armor and tools strong and powerful. Some of the enchantments are the most useful and best. Here in this article I will tell the rarest and best enchantments on Minecraft.

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Rarest and Best Enchantments In Minecraft

So this are the most rarest enchantments on minecraft. Some of them are just over powered on the other hand some are curse.


minecraft mending

This is the one of the most useful enchantment for your armor and tools but this is also a rare enchantment. It’s not easy to get a Mending book. Though villagers trade mending book but, if you start trading will villagers. You will end up spending hours. Definitely, this is a rare enchantment because you cannot get Mending book easily from fishing also.

Curse of Binding

curse of binding

Although this is the most useless enchantment in Minecraft yet it is rare. Curse of Binding prohibits players to remove armor which is wore by them. If a hardcore player wears any gear enchanted with Curse Of Binding, he will not be able to remove it forever. Armor enchanted with Curse of Binding can be found in ruined nether portals chests.

Curse of Vanishing

curse of vanishing

This is also an useless but a rare enchantment. This can be equipped on tools. If you have Curse of Vanishing on your tools and you die, you will lose your items permanently. Overall, Curse of Binding and Curse of Vanishing are quite rare compared to other enchantments but not useful enchantments.

Frost Walker

frost walker Minecraft

This is not the most useful enchantment, but it is difficult to get it. Frost Walker can be equipped on boots. This enchantment allows a player to stand on campfires or Magma blocks without getting any damage. This is not a helpful enchantment, but it is rare.

Soul Speed

Minecraft soul speed

When equipped on boots, players will be able to move quickly on blocks like Soul Soil and Soil Sand. This is a useful enchantment for those who like exploring Nether. Finding Soul Speed books can be a difficult task. Overall, This is a very rare enchantment in Minecraft.

Overall, the rarest enchantments from these are Curse of Binding and Curse of Vanishing and the useful enchantments from these are Mending and Soul Speed. So that’s it for today’s article; Hope you find this article helpful. See you in the next article.

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