Valorant New Agent: Who is Agent 24, Release Date?

Valorant New Agent

At the beginning of Episode 7, Riot games announced some exciting updates for players. They promised to introduce two new agents and a new map before the year 2023 ends. As of now, one of those two characters, called Deadlock, and the new map called Sunset, are already available for players to enjoy. But there’s still one more character that they hinted at, and it’s set to be released in 2023.

The developers haven’t shared many details about this new character yet; they’ve only given players a few hints about what to expect. In this article, we will be discussing the Valorant New Agent and when it will be added to the game.

Valorant New Agent Leaks

new valorant agent

The latest teaser image from Riot shows an Agent wearing gloves and using chopsticks to eat. The image is titled “duckblood,” which might be related to a popular Chinese dish. There’s a good chance that the new agent could be from China, especially since Valorant was only released in China in July.

Riot added, “This next Agent is for you. We also have a surprise that you might not have expected to see in VALORANT… well… Some of you may have guessed correctly.” The Valorant developers have revealed that Agent 24 will be a Duelist. It’s been a while since we last got a Duelist, which was Neon joining the game in January 2022.

Since then, four new valorant agents have been added, with two being Initiators, one a Sentinel, and the other a Controller. Now, the developers are planning to introduce Agent 24, who will be the seventh Duelist in Valorant.

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Valorant Agent 24 Abilities

Leakers are saying that the bulletproof card might be the first hint about the new Duelist agent. We’re not sure if the card’s name relates to the agent’s abilities or if it’s just a cool title. But having an agent who can block bullets sounds intriguing. While it does seem unique, Riot games has already added agents like Harbor and Astra with bullet-blocking abilities, although the leak suggests that Agent 24 might have something more specific in mind.

It’s possible that this new agent could become completely bulletproof, unlike others who use area-of-effect or objects to deflect damage. Agent 24 might charge into the battlefield as an invincible force, similar to how Reyna behaves when she activates her Empress ability. However, this is just speculation based on the card’s name.

Valorant New Agent Release Date

Riot Games has confirmed that Agent 24 will be released before the end of 2023. However, they haven’t shared the exact date for this new Agent yet. Lots of players in the community are hoping that the Valorant new agent will be introduced at the beginning of November 2023.


That’s all the information available about Valorant’s new Agent 24 for now. We’re not sure yet if the upcoming Duelist will introduce a game-changing ability. But one thing is certain, this agent could shake up Valorant’s current gameplay, especially since the recent patch 7.04 has made some agent adjustments that might slow down the game’s meta.

As always, we’ll keep you posted when Riot Games shares new information. So, stay tuned! And feel free to share your thoughts about this new valorant agent in the comments below!

Is Valorant getting a new agent?

Yes! Valorant is set to receive a new agent, slated for a November 2023 release. This agent is confirmed to be a Duelist, and the developers have hinted at introducing a unique game mechanic in Valorant.

Who is Agent 24 Valorant?

Agent 24 is the next Duelist agent in Valorant, and it’s expected to arrive in November 2023. While Riot Games hasn’t disclosed the agent’s name or abilities, they’ve teased that the agent will have a pretty crazy mechanic that people have never seen in Valorant before.

When does the new Valorant Agent come out?

The new Valorant agent, Agent 24, is anticipated to arrive during Episode 8, set for November 2023. Although a precise date hasn’t been revealed by Riot Games, they’ve assured players that the agent will be introduced before the year’s end.

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