Top 2 Easiest Way to Get Totem of Undying in Minecraft

minecraft totem of undying

Totem of Undying is one of the best and the most useful thing in Minecraft. It gives you second life if you hold it in your hand on dying. Totem of Undying can save players in every situation. It is the most important thing if you have a Hardcore World. It saves your life so it is not less than a blessing but it is not easy to get Totem in your world. It can be a difficult task to get Totem of Undying. But There are two ways which players can use to get Totem a bit easily. Here in this article I will tell you these ways which can get you Totem of Undying in your world.

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Best Ways to get Totem of Undying

Here are the ways to get Totem of Undying in your world.

Village Raids

Raids can get you Totem of Undying. Raid is done by pillagers and you have to save the village. However, to do so you need to kill the Pillager Captain because doing so will give you an effect called ‘Bad Omen’. You can find a Pillager Captain near a Pillager Outpost. Also, many type of mobs spawn in a raid. Some of them are Vindicators, Ravager, Pillagers, Evokers etc. You can get a Totem by killing an Evoker. Luckily, if evoker spawns in a raid, you are surely going to get a Totem of Undying. Having a raid farm will get you unlimited Totems.

Woodland Mansion

As I mentioned above, you can get Totem by killing Evokers. Evokers do spawn in a raid but only one spawns. But in Woodland Mansion three to four evokers can spawn easily. That means three to four Totem but be careful of the Vex and other dangerous mobs living there in Woodland Mansion. Woodland Mansion also has very good loot in the chests. Also, Finding Woodland Mansion is next to impossible. You can get a Woodland Mansion Map by trading with Cartographer. Not only does he gives you Woodland Mansion but Ocean Explorer Map also.

So these are the ways to get Totem of Undying in your world. Overall, you need to find and kill an Evoker to get Totem. To use a Totem, just hold it in any of your hand. Hope you find this article helpful; See you in a next article.

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