Best Mud Blocks Uses in Minecraft 1.19 Update

Minecraft 1.19 Update

The Minecraft 1.19 Update will bring new mobs, new features and a lot of new things in Minecraft. One of these things will be the new Mud Blocks. Mud is going to bring new recipes and some new game mechanics along with it. Players will be able to use it in many way. Mud can be found in the Mangrove Swamp Biome. You can also make Mud all by yourself by adding water to dirt. Here in this article I gonna tell you the best uses of Mud Blocks.

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Best Uses of Mud in Minecraft 1.19 Update

These are the top 4 Best Uses of Mud Blocks in Minecraft 1.19 Update

Mud Bricks

You can obtain Mud Bricks by turning Packed Mud into Mud Bricks. Mud Bricks can be used to make houses or some other builds in your world. These blocks look good so you can use these in your builds. The combination of stone bricks and Mud Bricks will not only make your build lit but also give a different look.

Packed Mud

This will also be one of the most useful block because Packed Mud can be turned into bricks. The Mud Bricks as well as the Packed Mud look good. Packed Mud is an easy to make block because you only need a Mud Block and a Wheat.

Renewable Clay

It can be a boring task to go into the oceans and rivers to find clay but the good thing is you can turn Mud Block into clay. You just need to place Mud Block right above a block that has pointed dripstone below it. Some of the uses of the clay are you can use it to trade with villagers or make bricks or terracotta.

Slowing Mobs

Players can use Mud to slow down mobs or their enemies. As I mentioned above, if you can’t find Mud in the Swamp Biome, you can add water to dirt to make Mud. You can also sink sometimes into the mud just like you sink into the powdered snow. This will be a good feature because you can place Mud around your house so that no hostile mobs can enter there. Creepers won’t be able to destroy even a single block of your house if you will place Mud all around your house.

So these are the best uses of Mud Blocks in Minecraft 1.19 Update. Overall Mud will be one of the most useful blocks in Minecraft after these Update. Hope you find this article helpful; See you in a next article.

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