Top 5 Most Useful Minecraft Mobs 2022

Minecraft is a game with infinite wonders, endless possibilities and many mobs. There are so many mobs in Minecraft that the list will go endless if we start counting all of them. Minecraft Mobs are everywhere; from Overworld to the Nether, from the End to the End Cities. Some mobs are hostile, some mobs are useless but some are the most useful ones. Here in this article I will tell you the top five most useful mobs in Minecraft and their uses.

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Most Useful Minecraft Mob

So these are the top 5 Most Useful Mobs in Minecraft

Iron Golem

Minecraft Iron Golem

It is one of the most useful Minecraft Mob. It can be found in villages or can be spawned by placing iron blocks and carved pumpkin. Iron Golem is a mob who will only attack you if you attack him or villagers. Iron Golem will drop iron when killed by a player. It can drop 3 to 4 iron ingots. These mob is one of the most important one because players can also make unlimited iron farm by using Iron Golem and villagers.


minecraft Villagers

Villager, a mob who lives in village. It’s one of the most useful Minecraft Mob for the players. Players can trade anything with villagers depending on the workstation they are given. You can trade anything will villagers; from food to diamonds, everything. You can also use villagers to make fully automatic farms. The best thing is that villagers don’t attack but watch out for the Iron Golem because it will attack you if you harm a villager.


minecraft Enderman

Dropping ender pearls when killed by a player makes them one of the most useful Minecraft Mob. You can make unlimited ender pearls and XP farms using Enderman. You can teleport using ender pearls. Enderman is one of the most useful mob. It will attack you only if you make an eye contact with it. Also Enderman get damage from water.


minecraft Piglin

Piglin can be found in the Nether. It was added in the 1.16 Nether Update in the game. This is one of the most useful Minecraft Mob for speedrunners. Gamers can barter with piglins by giving them gold ingots. In return, the piglins can give ender pearls, potions etc. If you have an unlimited gold farm, you can easily barter with Piglin and get many usefull items for free without any hassle.


minecraft Shulker

Shulker can be found in End Cities. This Mob drops Shulker Shells when killed by a player. Players can craft Shulker Boxes using Shulker Shells and chest which saves a lot of time and inventory. Shulker Box doesn’t drop items in it when broken by a player which helps to save inventory.

So these are the top five useful Minecraft Mobs and their uses. Hope you find this article helpful. See you in a next article.

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