Top 5 Best Minecraft Chestplate Enchantments 2022

Minecraft Chestplate Enchantments

In Minecraft, from home to caves, we need armor everywhere because it protects us from hostile mobs but we can make this armor more powerful by putting a good enchantments on it. We can put enchantments using Anvil or Enchantment Table. Here in this article I will tell you the best Minecraft Chestplate Enchantments and how they work.

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Minecraft Chestplate Enchantments

You can get enchantments books by trading with villagers or you can find these books in structures like Desert Temples and in other structures also. Chestplate is the main part of the armor so it definitely needs to be enchanted with the best enchantments. So here are the toot best enchantments for Chestplate in Minecraft.

Protection (I – IV)

Protection saves us from every type of damage we can get in Minecraft. From arrows to fire damage, it protects us everywhere. It decreases the damage taken by us by 5% on every level. The total damage taken by us can be decreased upto 20% in Bedrock Edition(Pocket Edition). Its maximum level is IV. It is one of the best Minecraft Chestplate Enchantments.

Mending (I)

Mending can repair your armor using XP. This means that if your Chestplate is damaged, you can use XP to heal it. This Enchantment will be more beneficial for you if you have an XP farm. The best thing about this enchantment is that this can be put on every single piece of armor and tools. This enchantment can also be put on Bows or Crossbows

Projectile Protection (I – IV)

This enchantment protects us from the following.

•Shulker bullets
•Llama Spit
•Fireballs (Shot by Blaze)
•Ghast’s Fireballs

The maximum level of this enchantment is IV. Overall this is a good enchantment.

Fire Protection (I – IV)

As the name suggests, this enchantment protects us from fire. Fire Protection decreases the burn time. The maximum level of this enchantment is IV. Fire Protection is more powerful in Bedrock Edition (Pocket Edition) than in Java Edition.

Blast Protection (I – IV)

Most of the time, everyone dies because of creeper’s blast. Blast Protection can protect you from Creepers or TNT explosions. This enchantment is the most useful in cases like when creepers drop on top of you in ravines or caves.

So these are the best Minecraft Chestplate Enchantments. Do try these enchantments on your Chestplate. Hope this article is helpful for you; See you in a next article.

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