Top 3 Best Minecraft Ancient Debris Mining Tricks

Minecraft Ancient Debris

Every player knows that the Netherite Tools and the Netherite Armor are one of the most powerful things in Minecraft. It’s even more powerful than the Diamond tools. To make netherite ingot, we need ancient debris. Ancient Debris can be smelted in Furnace to make Netherite Scrap which can be converted to Netherite Ingot by mixing Gold Ingot with it. But finding Ancient Debris is not an easy task. It is hidden in the depths of the Nether. Here in this article I will tell you the best and fastest ways to find Minecraft Ancient Debris.

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Best & Fastest Ways to find Minecraft Ancient Debris

Here are the best and fast ways to find Ancient Debris. Minecraft Ancient Debris can be found from y 12 to 15 in the Nether. So in every single method given below, dig down until you reach this level.

Strip Mining

This is a common method and is used by many. First, keep mining below until you reach y 12 to 15. Then start mining in front of you. You will be able to get many Ancient Debris easily but be careful of lava. This is one of the easiest methods because you only need a Pickaxe for this method.

Bed Explosion

You need many beds for this method. Beds are used to set respawn point in the overworld but they explode when you click on them in the Nether. You can take this as an advantage but make sure you place one block in front of you else there are chances that you might die. This method can be irritating but this will surely get you many Ancient Debris.

TNT Mining

You need a lot of TNTs for this method but this is one of the best methods. Just dig a big row of blocks and place TNTs in it. Definitely, this is the best method but it will consume a lot of TNTs. You need Sand and Gunpowder to craft TNT. Unlike every other block in Nether, Ancient Debris is blast resistant.

Overall Strip Mining is the easiest method and the TNT Mining is the best. You can even get 60+ Ancient Debris per hour, if you use TNT method properly. So these are the fastest ways to find Minecraft Ancient Debris. Try these methods in your world. Hope this article is helpful for you. See you in a next article.

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