How to Play MINECRAFT in Mobile

How to Play MINECRAFT in Mobile

Minecraft, since its release, has gone on to become a full-fledged gamers sensation. Minecraft pocket edition becomes one of the most popular games in the world. Its also avaliable on ios devices and android devices. So you can download minecraft from app store or google play.


  1. Open the app. You will see the starting menu. Press Play to begin the game.Click “New” to start creating a new world. Simply tap on the “New” button to select what you want to play.
  2. If you want to, name your world. You don’t have to give it a name, but if you have multiple save files, having names helps to distinguish them. You can also enter a world seed. World seeds are codes that bring you to a certain map. However, you don’t need to have a world seed, as any world spawned without a seed will have the necessities for a successful game.
  3. Pick a game mode. Creative means you have unlimited resources, can break blocks instantly, and you can do anything without dying. Survival mode is when you have limited resources and can die, being attacked by monsters, falling from height, and more.
  4. Press “Generate World”.


Playing in Creative Mode

Know the tricks. Creative mode is much different than Survival mode, so it’s possible to do things that aren’t possible in Survival. You can fly in Creative. Tap the center circle twice to do so. You have unlimited access to anything you need, meaning you can build whatever you want. In Creative mode, pressing and holding a block will break it instantly.

Playing in Survival Mode

  1. Collect wood. You can find this around you almost immediately after you begin the game, in the form of trees. Break the blocks and make sure they get put into your inventory.
  2. Go to your inventory. In the upper left, there will be a button labeled “Craft”. Tap it.
  3. Scroll through until you find “Wooden Planks”. Tap it and create the planks. These are necessary to create most things in Minecraft.
  4. Find the Crafting Table. In Minecraft PE, crafting tables require four Wooden Planks. Crafting tables are used to create the majority of materials in Minecraft. Create it and set it down somewhere.
  5. Get food. Food is essential to restoring your health. You can either make bread with wheat, make Mushroom Stew with mushrooms, or kill animals and cook the meat in a furnace.
  6. Make sure you have a shelter and tools. If you plan on lasting the night, you’re going to need a shelter.
  7. Fight mobs effectively. Certain mobs will be harder to fight than others, and how you fight can make it easier or harder. For mobs that can attack from a distance, such as skeletons, it’s best to use a bow and arrow. If you don’t have bows and arrows, a sword will also work.

Tips: Minecraft for Android & iOS

In Survival mode, it’s a good idea to know the strength of the materials you’re using. There are five materials you make your tools with: wood, stone, iron, gold, and diamond. It’s not a good idea to use Gold for armor or tools – it’s extremely weak, about on level with a wood tool!

Make sure not to drop from high areas, unless you know you will fall into water. If you hit the ground, you’ll die and you might not get to that spot in time to pick up all your items before they disappear.

In Creative mode, tools aren’t necessary to break blocks – you can just use your fist.

If you are fighting a creeper, get away before it blows up.

Remember to stay alert in survival mode at night if you don’t have any tools, weapons, or food, because a monster could suddenly attack you at any given moment.

Make a bed as soon as possible, you can skip the night and it will reset your spawn!


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