Top 3 Best Farms in Minecraft 2022

There are four different types of modes in Minecraft; Survival, Creative, Adventure and Spectator. Playing Survival is fun to play but gathering resources in this mode can be a difficult task if you create a completely new world. In this situation, farms can help you. Farms can make your work easier and give you different type of resources only in some time but most of the farms require things which can be hard to find in a new world. Here in this article I will tell you top 3 best farms in minecraft which are easy to make and will give you all type of resources you need.

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Top 3 Best Farms in Minecraft

Here’s the Top 3 best farms in minecraft for beginners

Cactus Bone Meal Farm

Best Farm Minecraft

This is an easy to make farm. This farm will provide you unlimited bone meal. You only need Cactus, fences and water to make this farm. You can turn Cactus into bone meal using Composter. You can make a system which collects bone meal directly into the chest using some hoppers, chests and Composters because this will save your time. Overall, this is an easy and beginner friendly farm. You should definitely make this farm in your world.

Automatic Wheat Farm

minecraft wheat farm

This is also an easy to make farm and one of the best farms in minecraft. This farm will provide you unlimited wheat which can be turned into bread using Crafting Table. For this farm, you need some Building Blocks, Dirt, A Hoe and some redstone. To make a collecting system, you can use Water Bucket or some hoppers and Chest. This farm is very beneficial because you can also make this farm a bone meal farm by putting the collected wheat into composters.

Cooked food Farm

Minecraft farm

This farm will provide you unlimited cooked chickens. You just need fences, some stairs, lava and hoppers and chests. You also need to bring atleast two chickens. Then you can breed them anytime and get cooked chicken. This is an easy to make farm and can be very beneficial if you have shortage of food. Overall, this is a good farm because this farm will provide you unlimited cooked food.

So these are the easiest to make farms in Minecraft. You don’t need many items to make these farms. These farms will provide all basic requirements in a new world. Hope this article is helpful for you; See you in a next article.

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