Minecraft Bow Enchantment

Top 5 Minecraft Bow Enchantment

Enchantment makes your bow, tools and armor much stronger. You can get enchantment books by trading with villagers but it can be irritating sometimes or you can also find enchantment books in chests of Desert Temple, Stronghold and at few other places. You can put enchantments on your tools or armor using Enchantment table, anvil or by using game commands but, deciding the best enchantments for bow can be a difficult task. Here in this article I will tell you the best minecraft bow enchantment and guide you to put which one in your bow.

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Minecraft Bow Enchantment

So here’s the top 5 best minecraft bow enchantment

Flame Enchantment (I)

Flame enchantment

This enchantment will turn your arrows into flaming arrows which will put target on fire. The target will burn for five seconds when shot using a Flame bow. Its maximum level is I.

Infinity Enchantment (I)

infinity bow

Tired of gathering flint, sticks and feathers to make arrows? The Infinity will solve your problem, you just need a single arrow. This enchantment will turn your single arrow into infinite arrows.

Mending Enchantment (I)

This enchantment uses XP to repair your tools or armour if it is damaged. In fact, you can also repair your armor and tools using Mending. Definitely, this is a good enchantment. Its maximum level is I. If you have an XP farm then this enchantment is surely for you. But you can’t put Infinity and Mending together in a bow. Overall it’s a good enchantment.

Power Enchantment (I-V)

power enchantment

This is one of the best minecraft bow enchantment. It increases the amount of attack damage given to mobs or players. Its minimum level is I and maximum level is V. The more the level, the higher the damage gets. Power V can oneshot many mobs.

Unbreaking Enchantment (I-III)

This increases the durability of your bow, tools and armor. You can use this in place of Mending. Because Mending is a rare book and if you start trading with villagers, you will end up spending hours. You can also use Unbreaking and Mending both in a bow if you don’t have an XP farm else only mending will also do the work i.e. repairing the bow.

So these are the best minecraft bow enchantment. There are few more enchantments but these are the best. Hope you find this article helpful; See you in the next article.

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