best ways to find diamonds

Best ways to find Diamonds in Minecraft 1.18

Diamonds are one of the precious and valuable items in Minecraft. Diamond armor is so powerful that it is ranked just after the Netherite Armor. Diamond tools are also very fast and powerful. But finding diamonds is more difficult in the 1.18 version. So in this article I will tell you the best and fastest ways to find diamonds in Minecraft. You can use these methods in your new world to find a lot of diamonds.

what is the best way to find diamonds in minecraft 1.18

You can find diamonds at y level -50 to -58. This area has a lot of diamonds and lava and as you all know, there are more chances of diamonds to spawn near a lava pool.

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Fastest ways to find Diamonds in Minecraft

So this are the fastest and Best trick to find Diamonds.

Exploring Caves

This method can get you a lot of diamonds, but there are many dangerous mobs waiting for you. So you need a decent armor and tools. You also need a lot of torches for this method. I recommend you to drink a Potion of Night Vision because this potion will make this method a lot easier. Also, this method is time taking, but this is one of the easiest methods.

Strip Mining

Minecraft diamond mining trick

Evryone knows this method ‘Strip Mining’. Dig down until you reach y level -50 or -58. This method can get you a lot of diamonds but this method will take a lot of time. This method works most efficiently when you have a pickaxe with Efficiency V.

Five Four Method

In this method, first dig underground and when you reach the y level -50 or 58 dig five blocks forward and then 4 blocks on left and right. This will increase your chances to find diamonds. 

Swim Mining

minecraft diamond mining

For this method you need a water bucket. First dig five blocks forward and then dig one block below you. Place the water above you. Go into that one block you dug below and then go into those five blocks. Then you will fit into one block. In Java Edition, you can do this method using a trapdoor. This method will surely get you a lot of diamonds.

So these are the best ways to find diamonds in Minecraft. You can get diamonds faster using these methods. Also You should use Diamond Pickaxe with Fortune III enchantment on it. It can increase the chances of getting more diamonds from a single ore. So that’s it for today; Hope this article is helpful for you. See you in the next article.

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