Top 5 Best Crossbow Enchantments on Minecraft

Crossbow is one of the most used weapons in Minecraft. Every player uses it whether he is a beginner or an experienced player. But you can also make your Crossbow more powerful by putting enchantments on it. You can put these enchantments on Crossbow using Enchanting Table or Anvil. Here in this article I will tell you the top 5 best crossbow enchantments which will make your weapon the most powerful one.

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Best Crossbow Enchantments

So here are the best crossbow enchantments on Minecraft.

Multishot Enchantment(I)

multishot minecraft

This enchantment allows player to shoot three arrows instead of one. The maximum level is I. This is one of the best enchantment because this allows player to kill the mobs fast but this enchantment also causes the Crossbow to break faster because you shoot three arrows in one shot. That’s why it’s recommended to put Mending or Unbreaking with this enchantment.

Mending Enchantment (I)

Mending Minecraft

You can repair your crossbow using Mending if you have XP source. Its maximum level is I. This enchantment is more helpful if you have an XP farm. Overall, this is a good enchantment and your Crossbow will never break if you use this enchantment correctly. In fact, you can also use Mending in your armor, sword, pickaxe, bow and in other items.

Unbreaking Enchantment(I-III)

Minecraft unbreaking

Unbreaking increases the durability of your Crossbow. Its minimum level is I and maximum level is III. If your crossbow is enchanted with Multishot , then you should definitely use this enchantment.

Curse Of Vanishing Enchantment

curse of vanishing Minecraft

Curse of Vanishing can be helpful but useless at the same time because if your crossbow has Curse Of Vanishing and you die, then the crossbow will disappear. It can be helpful if you are doing PVP and you die because the enemy will not be able to take your crossbow but if you die accidentally in your survival world, then this is not less than a curse.

Quick Charge Enchantment(I-III)

quick charge enchantment

A crossbow takes 1¼ seconds to reload. Quick Charge decreases the time to reload a crossbow. Its maximum level is III. You can reduce .25 seconds of reload time every time you increase the level of your enchantment. You can reduce the reload time of your crossbow upto .75 seconds. Overall, this is also good enchantment.

So these are the best enchantments for Crossbow in Minecraft. There are few more enchantments but these are the best. Hope you find this article helpful; see you in the next one.

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