Best Sword Enchantment

Top 3 Best Sword Enchantment in Minecraft

In Minecraft, Sword is an essential part for our survival. It is useful everywhere; in nightfall,in caves etc. But when you put enchantments on it, it becomes more powerful. You can get enchantments by trading with villagers or in enchanting table. To put enchantment books on sword, use anvil. But most of the players don’t use a good enchantment for their sword. Here we’ll talk about the best enchantments available in the game.

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Top 3 Best Sword Enchantment

In this article, we will tell you the top 3 sword enchantments which will help you to kill most of the mobs in one hit.

Mending (I)

Best Sword Enchantment mending

As we can see the name itself has word Mend which means to repair something which is broken. This enchantment uses XP to repair our armour and tools if they are damaged. Definitely this is a good enchantment. If you have an XP farm, then this enchantment is surely for you. It has no minimum/maximum level. It is only Mending I.

Sharpness (I-V)

Minecraft Best Sword Enchantment

Sharpness increases the amount of attack damage given to mobs. Its minimum level is Sharpness I and its max level is Sharpness V. Overall, its one of the Best Sword Enchantment. Sharpness V can one shot many mobs.

Fire Aspect (I-II)

 Best Sword Enchantment Minecraft

Its minimum level is Fire Aspect I and maximum level is Fire Aspect II. It works like the Flame enchantment (which is used in bow). If you hit a mob/player with this sword, it will start burning. Fire Aspect I puts target on fire for 4 seconds. On the other hand, Fire Aspect II puts target on fire for 8 seconds. You can combine 2 Fire Aspect 1 books to make 1 Fire Aspect II book. Mostly everyone uses this enchantment. Unfortunately, Fire Aspect does not work on Ender Dragon or Wither. It also doesn’t work on some nether mobs as they don’t get any damage from lava/fire.

So these are the best enchantments for Sword. There are few more enchantments which are also good but all of those have some limitations. So that’s it for today, try these amazing enchantments. See you in a next article.

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