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Hypixel Skyblock Download – Minecraft PE Maps

Minecraft PE Maps

There are tons of different maps available for the Minecraft pocket edition like parkour map, adventure map etc. In this list One of Minecraft’s most successful and popular map is known as Hypixel Skyblock. A player is isolated on a island, high in the sky, forcing them to think innovatively in order to survive. Also this map comes with Minions who will help you to get several items in game.

You can play Hypixel Skyblock on several servers and also you can download it. Players on mobile platforms can also enjoy this amazing map. Here I will show how to download Hypixel Skyblock in Minecraft bedrock edition.

Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock

When you spawn on the skyblock you’ll get a chest. In the chest you will find several basic items like minion spawn egg, lava bucket and ice cube.

You can spwan the minion anywhere in the skyblock. After spawning minions will mine cobblestone for you. There are 4 different types of minions available. You can buy them from shop. Also you can play this map in multiplayer with your friends.

Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock Download

Follow the process mentioned below to download and install the Hypixel Skyblock Map in your Minecraft Pocket Edition. You can play this map in any version of Minecraft.

Download Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock CLICK HERE.

  1. Firstly download the sky block map from the link provided above.
  2. After downloading open file manager and go to the downloads folder.
  3. Now click on the map file and select Minecraft.
  4. The map will be imported automatically.
  5. Now you are ready to play Hypixel Skyblock on your Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Try this amazing Minecraft PE Map and let me know how’s it? That’s it for now, See you in a next article.

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