How to Use Spectator Mode in Minecraft PE

Spectator Mode Minecraft

Spectator mode is a special Minecraft mode which allows you to fly around and observe the world without interacting with it. This Mode has always been a Minecraft java edition exclusive. But now I am going to show how you can use this mode into Minecraft PE / Bedrock edition.

Spectator Mode Minecraft PE

To use Spectator Mode in Minecraft pe, firstly you need to install a app named Blocktopograph. You can use the link provided below to download the app.

Download Blocktopograph APK for Minecraft

Now open the app and select your minecraft world. Click on add button and select Single player NBT. Then click on the red file and find out Player game mode. Remove the player game mode value and enter 3.

Now open your Minecraft world. And you are ready to enjoy the mode in your Minecraft Pocket Edition.

What is Spectator Mode in Minecraft

Spectator mode is a unique mode that allows gamers to spectate their own world from multiple viewpoints without interacting with it. In this mode, players can fly through all over the world and even view the map from the perspective of other mobs.

However, gamers in this mode cannot interact with blocks or entities and are completely invisible. Just like Creative mode the players can fly whenever they desire. In Minecraft Java Edition player can use gamemode spectator command to enter in Spectator Mode.

Spectator Mode Features

The spectator mode grants you the following abilities:

  1. Night Vision: In this mode you can see everything clearly without potion.
  2. Regeneration: you won’t get hurt while in this mode.
  3. Invisibility: Nobody can see you and mobs will do their own work.
  4. Weakness: Prevents you from hurting others and mobs.
  5. Water Breathing: This mode also allows you to see everything in water.
  6. Mining Fatigue: Prevents you from breaking any blocks.
  7. Fire Resistance: Prevents you from burning while in spectator mode.

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