How to Download Superhero Mod for Minecraft

Superhero Mod for Minecraft

  • There are thousands of mod available, so it can be stressful for you to find the perfect one.
  • In this article I am going to provide one of the best Mod named Superhero Mod for Minecraft.

Ever wanted to be a super heroes, just like movies? If yes, Then this is going to be the perfect Mod for you. In Superheroes unlimited mod, gamers can suit up into their favorite superheroes.

In this Mod, gamers simply have to put on the full suit of their favourite hero, and they will then be able to adopt their super powers. This mod adds many unique features to the gameplay that players don’t usually have, such as flight while in survival mode.

Abilities of Superhero Mod

This mod contains all of your favourite superheroes and their super powers. Here’s some top features of this Minecraft Pocket Edition Mod.

BatMan Armor

It will provide you night vision potion effect, increase your speed a little bit, and give you 2 extra hearts to your health bar. The Bat Man armor will be more useful with the Bat bomb and bat rang .

The Flash Armor

This armor will mainly increase your speed and make you travel really faster in the world.

Hulk Armor

Hulk Armor will increase a little bit of your speed and give you high jump boost. You will be able to jump of 5 blocks. It will also give you fire resistance and give you extra 2 hearts on health bar.

Iron Man Armor

It will increase increase your speed a little bit , and it will give you strength potion. Also you will get water breathing potion, jump boost potion. You will be able to jump of 3 blocks. And gives you extra 10 hearts on your health bar.

Superhero Mod for Minecraft

Batrang and Bat Bomb

You can shoot it, and when it hit an enemy it will damage it 8 hearts. you can shoot it , and when it hit an enemy it will damage it 4 hearts , and if it’s stick on blocks it will explode after a little bit of time.

Thor Hammer

When you use this weapon it will summon lightning bolt in nearest enemy by 10 blocks , ( ( In Mobile try do not spam , if you spam it will crash the game ) .

DeadPool Sword

this sword can damage enemies 25 hearts when you hit them with it , it’s so over powerd , and it’s good with deadpool armor.

Minecraft Superhero Mod Download

Follow the steps provided below to Download Superhero Mod for Minecraft.

Download SuperHeroes Mod CLICK HERE.

  1. Firstly download the mod pack from the link provided above.
  2. Now extract the file.
  3. Then cut both of the resources and behaviour pack and paste them games > com. mojang > behaviour pack / resources pack.
  4. Now open minecraft and create a new world.
  5. Activate both resource pack and behaviour pack from world settings.

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