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Download Free Fire emotes in Minecraft – Minecraft Free Fire

Minecraft Free Fire

Free Fire is getting popular in the Battle Royale gaming field with every passing day. On the other hand Minecraft one of the most famous sandbox video game developed by the Mojang Studios. There are many gamers who plays both of them and want to enjoy some free fire features like emotes in the Minecraft Pocket Edition. So in this article I will show how you can download and use Free Fire emotes in Minecraft.

List of all Free Fire emotes available in Minecraft

Here’s a list of all the emotes that are present in the Minecraft Free Fire Mod:

  • Flowers of Love
  • FFWC Throne
  • Selfie
  • Pirate’s Flag
  • Top DJ
  • Power of money
  • Eat my dust
  • Kongfu
  • I heart you
  • Tea Time
  • Doggie
  • I’m Rich!
  • Make It Rain
  • Captain Booyah
  • Let’s Go!
  • I’m Saitama!
  • Obliteration
  • Top Scorer
  • Chicken
  • Arm Wave
  • Shoot Dance
  • Baby Shark
  • Mummy Dance
  • Push-up
  • Shuffling
  • Dragon Fist
  • Dangerous Game
  • Jaguar Dance
  • Threaten

How to download Free Fire emotes in Minecraft PE

Follow the steps mentioned below to download and install the Free Fire emotes in your Minecraft Pocket Edition. You can install this emotes in any version of minecraft pe. Minecraft Free Fire.

Download Free Fire emotes in MinecraftCLICK HERE

  1. First, you have to download this add-on. You can download this from the link given above.
  2. After download, extract the zip.
  3. Now you ill get two files. cut both the files and paste in games > com. mojang > resources pack/ behaviour pack.
  4. Then open minecraft and Wait for 20 seconds
  5. Click on “play”. Tap on “create a new world”.
  6. Enable both Free Fire Emotes resource and behaviour pack.
  7. Click on create and now you are ready to enjoy the Free Fire Emotes in your Minecraft world. 

You will get all the free fire emotes in inventory. Tap on any of them to perform that emote. This is for today. See you in a new article.

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