Download Blocktopograph APK for Minecraft


Blocktopograph APK

  • To use left hand in Minecraft mobile, you need to use addon pack or a app.
  • Here I will show How to hold item in left hand using Blocktopograph APK.

As of now, in Minecraft Bedrock Edition or Pocket Edition off hand feature is not enabled yet. So you need to use apps or mod packs to hold any items in left hand. There’s a popular app named Blocktopograph that you can use in your mobile device.

How to Download Blocktopograph APK

Blocktopograph APP is not avaliable in playstore. But don’t worry follow link mentioned below to download the APK file.

Blocktopograph Latest APK Download- CLICK HERE.

How to use Blocktopograph

To use  blocktopograph app follow the process mentioned below.

  1. Open the app and select your Minecraft world.
  2. Now open the menu and select Singleplayer NBT.
  3. Select OffHand from the list.
  4. Then change the count and damage to 1
  5. Write the name what you want to hold in your left arm. i.e. Minecraft:diamond_pickaxe
  6. save the settings.

That’s it. Now you are ready to enjoy this new trick. This is one of the best app for mcpe. This is for today. See you in the next article.

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