Animal Mod in Minecraft – How to Download

Animal Mod in Minecraft

There are tons of unique Minecraft mods freely available on the internet for players to try out. All of the Minecraft mods come in vastly different tastes, shapes, and sizes, they all set out with their main objective of spicing the game up through the addition of new content and features. Best animal mod for Minecraft PE.

One of the popular category for Minecraft mods among gamers includes those that add additional mobs or animals to the game. These new animals can be as extravagant as gamers desire, with the only real limit being imagination.

In a creatures mod Several mobs added possess quirky characteristics unlike anything else seen in the vanilla world, and Here I am going provide the Best Animal Mod in Minecraft. With this mod pack you add a variety of new animals that will appear in your Minecraft worlds, some of the animals are aggressive and others can be domesticated to defend you against mobs.

Animal Mod for Minecraft PE Features

This Animal Mod in Minecraft pe contains various real world animals. Here’s some of the main attractions.


Crocodiles natural habitat is swamps. You can’t tame crocodiles, they will attack you and the other mobs, also they are really fast when swimming.

Lions / Big cats:

There are almost seven different types of big cats in the game including tigers and lions. You can find them in their respective biome and also you will be able to feed them any kind of meat. They can be tamed by using the golden bone.


Possibly you can find Deer in the forest biomes, there are two different types of deer and you can not tame any of them.

How to Download Animal Mod for Minecraft

Lets talk about how to download and install Animal Mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition-

Animal Mod Resources pack- CLICK HERE

Animal Mod Behaviour Pack- CLICK HERE

  1. Download the Animal Mod resource pack and behaviour pack from the link provided above.
  2. After downloading cut and paste both the files in games > com. mojang > resources pack/ behaviour pack.
  3. Then open minecraft and create a new world.
  4. Enable both animal mod resource and behaviour pack.

Thats it now you are ready to enjoy the mod. Try this new mod and let me know how’s it? This is for today. See you in the next article.

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