Connected Glass Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Texture Pack for Minecraft PE
  • Texture Packs add greatly to the gameplay of Minecraft PE and makes it more interesting.
  • There are tons of great packs for Minecraft on Android and iOS devices.

Minecraft Pocket Edition texture packs are an great way to improve and alter the vanilla Minecraft gameplay experience for gamers in-game.

This packs allow all players to choose, customize, and shape their Minecraft game experience into what they actually want it to be. For every Minecraft gamer, there is a pack out there for all and every niche; they just need to be found.

In this article I will provide the best Connected Glass Pack for Minecraft PE.


  • Regular Glasses with Connected Textures (all colours)
  • All Stained Glass Varieties with Connected Textures (all colours)

How to Download Connected Glass Texture Pack

Lets talk about how to download and install connected glass pack for you Minecraft Pocket Edition-

  1. Download the Connected Glass Texture pack from Click Here.
  2. After downloading click on the file and click on “OPEN AS”
  3. Then click on “others” and select Minecraft.
  4. Now the pack will be imported automatically.

Activate Connected Glass MCPE

To activate the connected glass resources pack, follow the steps below-

  1. Create A new world.
  2. Make sure to enable “Experimental gameplay”
  3. Activate the resources and behaviour pack.
  4. That’s It. You are ready to enjoy.

Best Texture Pack for Minecraft

Also there are some more texture pack that you can use to make your Minecraft Pocket Edition more realistic.

Connected Glass Texture Pack for Minecraft

1) Defscape Texture Pack

Defscape texture pack can enhance the appearance of every block in Minecraft PE. It makes them look extremely detailed and clean because of the 64×64 pixel high resolution. Even the graphics of surrounding like sky and water have been redesigned.

2) Flow’s HD

Flow’s HD is a amazing texture pack that not only improves the building blocks to give beautiful interiors, but also works for the surrounding of Minecraft, with more cleaner texture of dirt, grass, trees, and water. Also it does add a lot of high resolution blocks that are perfect for building modern homes. This can make your dream house stand out.

3) ModernHD PE

This particular Minecraft texture is perfect for gamers who want to spend their time building their dream modern homes. The ModernHD ups the resolution of almost every existing blocks to 64×64 pixels, apart from adding some great textures it also adds some new furniture items like a new bed and some other items.

4) Waving Leaves and Running Water

This Minecraft PE texture pack is gaining popularity among gamers from the its release. The texture pack is mainly based around waving leaves and running water. So the rivers feel much realistic and the Leaves also move when the texture pack is installed, which is a nice touch of reality in the game, rather than the vanilla Minecraft.

5) System Solar

This texture pack is totally focused on our solar system. All the planets are in HD texture, and a resigned Sun will be added to Minecraft. This can help a gamers feel much more connected to the game as they draw many similarities from real life.

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