How to Play Hardcore Minecraft – Easiest Trick

How to Play Hardcore Minecraft

Hardcore Mode is one of the most popular Add-on for Minecraft PE. It makes your gameplay harder and more difficult. This Addon will change the interface also it adds some new elements. If you think that your Minecraft bedrock edition is easy and you are getting bored, I highly recommend you to install and try this addon. 

Hard Mode Features:

  1. In this game mode you can’t switch the game levels, it will be on difficult mode only.
  2. once a player dies the hardcore world is over!

Minecraft PE Hard Mode Download

To enjoy Minecraft hard mode in survival mode firstly you need to download this hardcore mode addon.

  • To Download this add Just Click Here.
  • After downloading rename the file- Remove the “.ZIP” from the ending
  • Then click on the file and select Minecraft

Enabling the Add-On

After completing the above process, you need to enable the addon. To enable the Hardcore mode Add-on, do the below steps:

  1. Enable the Education Edition from settings.
  2. Now Apply both hardcore Resource Pack & Behavior Pack in a new world.
  3. Create the new world. AND THAT’S IT.

Realms Compatibility-

The following are requirements for this add-on to work on Realm world:

  • Version Required: 1.16 or above. This version also fixes some bugs regarding running commands using an animation controllers on Realms.
  • Experimental Gameplay: Its Not needed. So it will works on Realms.
  • Education Edition: You may not be able to enable this feature on the realms. Some features like being able to fly in Spectator Mode are not be possible on Realms.

You can also play this addon with your friends via a open to lan world or via normal multiplayer. This mode is one of the most famous mode from minecraft java edition. Now you can play this in the Minecraft Bedrock edition or pocket edition. Also theres a ultra hardcore mode avaliable for the consoles but unfortunately its still not avaliavble for PE.

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