How to Play Bedwars in Minecraft PE

How to Play Bedwars

  • With Minecraft Bed wars rising in popularity, there are many addons available that are perfect to use.
  • In this article we will feature the best Minecraft pocket edition addon for Bedwars.

Bedwars is one of the most popular Minecraft game mode that has caught the attention of players and YouTubers alike. There are quite few addons that you can use to play Bedwars in MCPE.

Also Bedwars can be found on many popular minecraft servers and its the most popular Minecraft game mode right now. You can also use some PvP mods out there that make yous Bedwars experience for more memorable and better.

Bedwars How to play

In Bedwars its really a easy to play game mode. You can play it solo doubles or Squad. The goal in BedWars game is to destroy the enemy teams beds while protecting your bed. You need to visit your enemies island and destroy their beds.

Also you can buy blocks from farmers in exchange of iron, diamonds and emeralds. With the helps of block you can protect your bed.

Bedwars Map Download

To download Bedwars in minecraft pe you easily, You can follow the steps mentioned below-

  1. Download the Bedwars Map from – CLICK HERE
  2. click on the file and select minecraft.
  3. It will automatically import into Minecraft.
  4. And now you are ready to enjoy Bedwars game.

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