Download Minecraft Hide and Seek Map

 Minecraft Hide and Seek Map

  • Minecraft maps are custom made experiences that allows its player to enjoy an entirely new gameplay.
  • Here we will show how to play hide and seek in Minecraft.

The Minecraft community has designed a huge range of custom maps for gamers to enjoy. One of the most popular map named Hide and Seek is going super viral these days. This mini game has become one of the most popular ones among the gamers quite easily.

Thanks to the quite simple rules and quick gameplay. MCPE players continue to enjoy this map with friends. This map has lots of charming things to offer in Minecraft PE. Tons of locations and even you can be a mod thats really a great stuff to experience.

So without going further, lets download this Minecraft Hide and Seek Map or join the server.

Hide and Seek Map for Minecraft PE

This enormous sandbox survival game has a lots of thing to offer its gamers. Thus it’s really complicated to find something time worthy and favourite on the Web. Luckily for you, we’ve solved this problem, we found the most engaging hide and seek map for Minecraft PE.

Here’s how to download this Minecraft PE map-

  1. Download the map via Click Here
  2. After downloading open your file manager and go to the downloads section
  3. Then click on the file “morph-addon” and select Minecraft.
  4. After redirected to Minecraft this map will be imported automatically.
  5. Now create a new creative world and enable the experimental settings.
  6. Activate the Resources pack and Behaviour pack, and Thats It.

After creating the world Firstly make a Identity absorber and player totem. Now you are fully ready to enjoy the new mode in your Minecraft pocket edition.

Minecraft Hide and Seek Server

Minecraft Hide and Seek Server

Now if you want avoid all the above steps and want to play the hide and seek minigame easily. You can alternatively join a server.

You just need to open your Minecraft PE, visit the servers section and search for “THE HIVE” server. Join the server and choose for Hide & seek mode. The game will be started instantly. You have to hide in the grace period and avoid spot by the seekers.

If the seeker avail to find any hider, the hider will also become a seeker. And if the seeker finds all the hiders before time, The seeker wins.

Happy Hiding see you in the nest article.

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