How to Play Zombie Mode in Among Us Mobile

  • How to Play Zombie Mode in Among Us

  • A new Among Us mode lets players run and hide from a horde of zombies.
  • Playing the Zombies game mode is easy to set up and fun to play.

The Among Us zombies mod has caught the interest of the many fans and is surprisingly easy to line up and play.

To play this mod, everyone simply must join the favored Among Us private server and choose the mod from the list of game options. Once this is often done, the principles for that Among Us game are going to be changed and players are going to be able to play the zombie mod.

How to Play the zombie mode on Among Us

This first step is easy, and the app already has a simple list of steps to follow to join the private server. 

  • Click this link to download a file called “” 
  • Then simply press the “Launch” Button
  • Now The server switcher is activated properly
  • After that launch Among Us and make sure the region says “”

Do note that the is a private server and it has very limited space and can’t support more than 3,000 players on the server at a time. Additionally, because the server is private, it may be prone to some bugs, like downtime and latency, that the official among us servers are not.

Selecting the Zombies mode on Among Us

Switching from the standard game mode to the zombies one is actually fairly simple.

  • Host an online game of Among Us on the server on any map
  • Open the lobby chat and read the notifications from the server
  • Have the host type in “/game mode zombies” in the lobby chat.

Once this is often done, other players on the server can join and therefore the server will handle the Zombies game mode entirely on its end. Players won’t need to download any longer mods or files and it should run smoothly.

Among Us Zombie Mode

The Zombies game mode changes how imposters kill and what happens to those killed by imposters. It also changes a number of the win conditions. within the Zombies game mode, imposters kill by simply touching the crewmates (moving their character model into a crewmate’s character model). When killed, players become another zombie.

Zombies have slower movement and far lower vision range than the crew, therefore the crew should be ready to outrun and evade zombies. this suggests the zombies need to believe trapping the crew to kill them. Crewmates can only win by completing all available tasks, while zombies win when no crewmates remain.

Because dying doesn’t outright remove players from the sport , this game mode is fun therein players never need to stop playing. In Among Us zombies, the games never stop and players never need to sit out of the fun.

Combine it with the Among Us proximity chat mod for another layer of fun.

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