5 Best games like Minecraft for Android in 2021

  • games like Minecraft for Android

  • Minecraft is an extremely popular title among both pc and mobile gamers, and here are some games that mobile players might enjoy if they like Minecraft.
  • These are some of the best games that uses the same concept of Minecraft, but are unique in their own way.

Minecraft is one among the foremost popular games of all-time, and it’s undeniable that it’s become a fixture of recent gaming and popular culture . Minecraft has the enviable record of being the second-highest selling videogame of all-time.

A large a part of the gaming audience didn’t assume much from Minecraft, but its unique art-style piqued the interest of the many . Once they found the truly liberating experience of the gameplay, Minecraft only grew in popularity.

Minecraft is additionally available for Android devices as Minecraft: pocketbook , on the Google Play Store. These are some games in 2021 you would possibly also enjoy if you happen to love Minecraft.

5 of the best games like Minecraft for mobile

#1 Loki Craft (Multiplayer)

loki craft android

Loki Craft is a 2D side-scroller with some elements of 3D as well, and is an endlessly enjoyable game that is available for free. The game requires you to make sure your Blockheads eat, sleep and remain healthy.

This is a straightforward game to get into and can be extremely addictive.

games like Minecraft for Android

#2 Crafting Master (Multiplayer)

Crafting Master android

The gaming audience has somewhat likened cartoonishcraft to “Minecraft with cartoonish graphics”, and there is no better description than that. The game lets you build your own weapons in any way you see fit.

Your design and material choices will affect the effectiveness of the weapon, which you can use to battle other players online.

games like Minecraft for Android

#3 RealM Craft

RealM Craft android

RealM Craft makes use of the same mechanics that makes Minecraft so popular such as Crafting, Building, and most importantly, Mining. It is a charming 2D/3D mix side-scroller that makes use of the touch controls very efficiently.

The game is extremely accessible to everyone, and the basics are easy to grasp. Much like the best games, RealM Craft is easy to get into, but hard to master.

games like Minecraft for Android

#4 Mini Craft (Multiplayer)

Mini Craft android

One of the closest competitors to Minecraft, Mini Craft, employs some of the same game elements, but in a 2D space instead of 3D. The game even includes multiplayer of up to 7 players, and tonnes of NPCs and over 20 diverse locations to discover.

Mini Craft is one of the most enjoyable games for the Android platform, and one that is worth its price tag.

games like Minecraft for Android

#5 Crafting and Building (Multiplayer)

Crafting and Building android

Crafting and Building is a game series that can indeed give Minecraft Pocket Edition a run for its money on the Android device. The game employs intuitive controls and a freakishly addictive gameplay loop that keeps the player engaged for several hours on end.

The game includes every element that is available in Minecraft, and even lets players build machines that help out in activities.

games like Minecraft for Android

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