How to Download Minecraft One Block

Download Minecraft One Block

So guys in this article I’m gonna show you the step by step method to enjoy Minecraft one block in android.

Map of Pocket Edition now in Bedrock, reach the end dimension and kill the dragon, starting only on a block of grass. Here you can get minecraft PE in one block and download it for mobile.

This is a map during which you’ll start during a block, from this one, you’ll need to get everything you would like to travel and kill the dragon.

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Minecraft One Block in Android

To start the game you’ll need to broke the sole block, the one under your feet. But don’t worry, another one will appear, then another, then another. Many things can appear such as: blocks of various types, minerals, chests, animals or monsters, so take care whenever you break the block!

Every certain number of broken blocks you will go to the next stage, in total there are 10 stages:

– Forest

– Cave

– Snowy

– Desert

– Jungle

– Ocean

– Nether

– Mansion

– Fortaleza

– Miscellaneous

How to Download One Block Minecraft PE

To download the latest version of One Block Minecraft Pocket Edition in your android phone just follow the bellow link- CLICK HERE

Play Minecraft One Block

The type of block that appears will depend upon the phase you’re in, for instance , if you’re within the forest phase you’re more likely to receive grass, wood or clay. If you’re within the nether phase, you’re more likely to urge blocks of rock from the nether, lava, or lower brick. So with all the phases. Monsters and animals also will appear counting on this factor.

At the start of the Miscellaneous stage, the portal will finally appear. You’ll need to get the required eyes to show it on and enter this dimension.

Once the dragon has been defeated, you’ll have won the map!

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