Rogue Heist Mobile

Rogue Heist Mobile : Indian-made Multiplayer Game

  • Rogue Heist Mobile is one of the newest and most exciting online multiplayer shooters made by an Indian-based studio MPL.
  • It has some exciting game modes and aims to become the next big mobile based game in the country, starting with the Early Access.

Mobile gaming has evolved by leaps and bounds over the last few years as smartphones have become increasingly sophisticated in terms of hardware. As a result, big titles on this platform have also upped their game hugely, and today’s offerings can easily rival those on consoles in terms of enjoyability.

One of the biggest success stories in terms of gaming was PUBG Mobile, a massively popular battle royale game. It was largely credited as a catalyst for the positive growth of mobile games in India. So much now there is a strong culture surrounding mobile gaming in India today.

This has meant that the Indian studios have also been hard at work. One of the foremost highly-anticipated titles to possess grabbed the headlines from an Indian studio seems to be MPL Rogue Heist.

MPL Rogue Heist: New Multiplayer shooter available on Google Play Store

MPL Rogue Heist is a Multiplayer arena shooter that pits two teams against each other, competing for kills and clear objectives in a variety of game types.

MPL Rogue Heist has a somewhat successful run on PCs through Steam and has received favorable reviews. Fans can only hope that it can build on those foundations and deliver a quality mobile gameplay.

What sets this title aside from games like PUBG Mobile is that the unlockable Operators, which are essentially unique characters with special abilities.

And now, the game is out there on Google Play Store and ios app store for early access. This also suggests that the game remains in development stage, and developers will use the run as feedback to raised the game before the full fetched particular release.


There are several modes available for MPL Rogue Heist, such as:

Heist Mode

Heist pits the two teams battling for the same objective going through a series of events. Teamwork is the most essential in Heist Mode as kills alone won’t guarantee victory, as players will need to complete the series of objectives in place too.

Brawl Mode

This is a solo game type where each player plays for themselves and attempt to wire the most amount of money into their account in the match.

The main objective is to siphon off the most amount of money, and the risk reward system comes into play, as players must play aggressively to loot more.

Gang War

This timed mode puts players in an really aggressive match where they compete for kills while also being timed. It is important the most conventional deathmatch mode and should provide for some excellent arena shooter action.

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