PUBG Mobile New 1.1 beta Update patch notes


PUBG Mobile New 1.1 beta Update

  • The developers have already revealed the patch notes for the PUBG Mobile 1.1 beta.
  • The new additions to this beta version include a new mode and gameplay changes.

The developers of PUBG Mobile frequently roll out new updates that bring in a large amount brand of new features and keep the players engaged. After the highly-successful PUBG Mobile 1.0 New Era update, which went live in the last month, the developers have already announced the patch notes for the upcoming the beta version of the game, i.e., 1.1, which will bring in a whole new host of exciting changes.

The new patch notes of the beta are already out, And its also released for the players to test and access the new features.

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PUBG Mobile 1.1 beta all patch notes

These patch notes were released on the Discord server of PUBG Mobile beta:

Brand New Metro Royale mode

  • New map: Two unique maps
  • New equipment: New Thermal Sight/Night Vision equipment and new Tikka Rifle.
  • New Challenges: Introduction of Agile bandits, Special monsters and more

Further details about the individual components of those maps, equipment and challenges haven’t been revealed yet.

New Metro Royale non-battle system

  • New System – Mode Loadout: The players will be able to bring out the pre-configured equipment in the loadout into battle.
  • New System – Black Market: It is an exclusive Metro Royale Shop.

The details of the Black Market aren’t available yet.

Classic Mode themed gameplay

  • Winter Festival: New Winter Castle Paradise
  • Players can visit the Winter Festival hut and more

Classic Mode additions and improvements

  • New item: Spike Trap
  • The players can throw or pick up melee weapons and put them back into the backpack, and more.

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