among us blank name

How to use among us blank name

How to use among us blank name

  • Among Us players have come up with a plethora of great names to use in-game.
  • One name trick on mobiles can allow gamers to walk around with an invisible name.

Names in Among Us are one of the usefull ways to inject some personal flair into the game. They can range from creative names to confuse other players to ones meant specifically to get some laughs from the rest of the group.

One of the best ways to take advantage of names in Among Us may just be the blank or invisible name. It’s exactly what it sounds like; a name that doesn’t appear above the player while in-game.

Get a blank name in Among US

It should immediately be noted that this blank name trick only works on mobile version. Unfortunately for anyone on pc version, the empty name trick isn’t going to work.

The first thing to do is copy this blank text ” “.

The idea is to copy the character in between the two quotation marks. It’s as simple as going to the space to enter your name in Among Us, and pasting the empty space. The cursor to enter characters should move along to the right if done correctly. Its a special unicode character named unicode character hangul filler u 3164.

If the quotation marks were entered along with the blank space, there is no need to worry. Either reset the name field and enter the new blank space, or it’s as simple as moving the cursor over and deleting the quotation marks in the space. It’s vital that those quotation marks are removed, though, or the blank name trick will not work. Instead, there will be floating spaced out quotation marks.

It’s possible for the blank name to also offer some advantages within Among Us. They won’t be significant changes, but it could save players from being caught when needing to make a quick kill as the imposter.

It’s one less thing in the field of view of other players in the match. There’s also the added effect of making the name unique and easy to call out, so there’s the same possibility of adding a different disadvantage. Also this trick only works on mobile devices.

Regardless, this is a trick that can be fun to try, and is a unique experience for smartphone Among Us players. Again, PC gamers don’t have the option to utilize the blank name. Usually, it’s the PC players who get called out for having some gameplay advantage no matter what the game is.

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