How to use TubeBuddy to grow your YouTube channel


How to use TubeBuddy

How to use TubeBuddy to grow your YouTube channel

Running a successful YouTube channel takes a lot of time and work. You need to produce high quality, searchable videos on a regular basis! On top of that, you have to record, edit, optimize (titles and descriptions), and track every single video you publish.

TubeBuddy may be the tool you were missing. Really it’s a good choose for saving time!

TubeBuddy has been a huge factor to the success of my channel, and good news as of september 2020, by using the link below, they are offering their chrome extension and the app 100% free!

How to use TubeBuddy

How Does TubeBuddy Help Grow a YouTube Channel?

Through its continuous data collection of the videos and channels on YouTube, the TubeBuddy app is able to guide your decisions on which video topics to target, how to get your videos seen by more people and how your channel compares against other related channels by integrates directly into youtube.

TubeBuddy does this by integrating seamlessly with your YouTube account. Features appear on relevant pages to add information and suggestions for improvement. For example, uploading a video, you’ll see suggestions for tags and a checklist of best practices important to the YouTube algorithm. And it’s the magic of this seo tools.

What are the best TubeBuddy features?

TubeBuddy has over 65 productivity tools that can help you boost your videos into the YouTube algorithm. You’ll find everything you need fro marketing strategy to the best keyword research tool with most accurate search volume and competion. READ THIS ARTICLE FOR DETAILED INFO! Tubebuddy For Youtube

What is the cost of TubeBuddy?

The TubeBuddy extension is free and includes all basic tools Their free extension offers a ton of functionality that is great for when you’re first starting your channel, and their paid plans offer even more tools to help you grow faster.

On the other hand for paid plans, they costs anywhere from 9$ to 49$ per month for different plans. Bonus: TubeBuddy is offering discounts of up to 50% off if your channel has less than 1000 subscribers, so it ends up being very affordable if you’re just starting out. The star plan goes for only $4.50 per month!

How to use TubeBuddy

1  How to use TubeBuddy?

Using TubeBuddy is very simple. It’s offered for both Chrome on pc and apk for smartphones. so once you’ve chosen which device to install the extension or the app, use that device to install TubeBuddy.

Then, you’ll need to create an account, log in, and that’s it! Once you’ve installed it and are logged in, head over to your YouTube dashboard for the chrome extention and you will notice a completely new layout! If you are using android or ios then open the app! It’s that easy!

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2  Is TubeBuddy Safe?

If you’re worried about whether TubeBuddy is safe to use, there is absolutely nothing to worry about! TubeBuddy is a 100% YouTube certified youtube tool that has been helping thousands of YouTubers grow their channel since 2014! I’ve used it for over 4 years without a single problem or complaint. And all of my YouTuber friends use it too and we all can vouch for it helping us grow.

3  Is TubeBuddy worth it?

Yes! Tubebuddy is absolutely worth it! I worked hard and used TubeBuddy to understand what content works on YouTube and what doesn’t.

Without TubeBuddy I feel like I would have been just shooting in the dark and hoping my videos would hit. With TubeBuddy, I developed a YouTube Search Engine understanding and became a better content creator. To me, it’s the ultimate YouTube growth hack.

4  Is TubeBuddy YouTube certified?

Yes! TubeBuddy is 100% YouTube Certified! As soon as you install it, it embeds into your YouTube dashboard and starts helping you grow with its many tools!

5  How many channels can you have per license?

To me, the only negative of TubeBuddy is that you can only have one channel per license. However, I still believe that TubeBuddy provides excellent value for it’s price, especially as your channel starts to grow! You can access the TubeBuddy discounts when you have under 1000 subscribers too, so it’s really not that bad! And if you order for more than one channel at the same time, there are more discounts too!

6  Is TubeBuddy or VidIQ better?

I use both, Still I prefer TubeBuddy over VidIQ. If you’re serious about growing your YouTube channel fast, you need to take advantage of the third-party tools and software. While there are lots of SEO and Social Media tools for bloggers, there are really only two that make the grade for YouTube, TubeBuddy and VidIQ.

TubeBuddy has much more features available like thumbnail generator for video optimization under the free and Pro plan while you need the higher level plans in VidIQ to use the best ones. TubeBuddy is also the less expensive option, if you want to go for paid plans.


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