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Among Us How to Play it | Tips And Tricks

Among Us How to Play it | Beginner To Pro

Among Us, It’s a great way to virtually hang out with your friends and play a game together, but it’s also a competition played online. You want to win, and I’m here to help. Unfortunately your friends may hate you in the process, but that’s the price you pay to be the best. so lets begin our among us tutorial.

What is Among Us?

Available on PC and mobile, Among Us is a social deduction game. You are a member of a team trying to run a space ship and keep its mission on course. There’s just one problem: There are impostors among the crew. The only people who know the impostors are other impostors, and their goal is to kill or sabotage the mission.

When someone finds a body, or a twice-per-game call an emergency meeting and the murder mystery begins, players debate over who they think the impostors are. They share information about what they saw, who was absent and if anyone has been acting suspiciously.

At this point there’s a vote, and if it passes with a majority a player is ejected into the cold expanse of space. The crew wins if they complete tasks, or eliminate the impostors. The impostors win if they successfully sabotage the ship, or kill everyone else.

If this game sound familiar it’s because it is. Social deduction party games like Werewolf or Mafia have been around for years, but bringing the core concept into a video game, paired with the lack of body language to gain information from makes Among Us an incredible experience.

Among Us Tips And Tricks

As a Crew Member

Pay attention to voting. Remember there’s an overarching goal to the game for the other crew members of eliminating the impostors. There should be a logical line that moves round-to-round that supports this. Too often impostors will forget this fact, and work towards influencing a vote that may benefit them, but doesn’t follow a logical through line. Beware of people who swing between targets round-to-round, seemingly without reason.

Groups might feel safe, but beware a group of three. There’s generally a feeling of safety in numbers when running around the ship, which can be true — but it also leaves too much room for the impostors to avoid the group and pick up stragglers. However, if you find yourself in a group of three early in the game be afraid, be very afraid.

You may be tempted to feel like an impostor can’t reveal themselves in this scenario, but there’s an even chance you could be walking around with both impostors, waiting to find a secluded place to kill you in. Remember: They know they’re both impostors. You won’t … until it’s too late.

Identify a partner and stick to them. People tend to lock in to working out who the impostors are, but sometimes it’s more valuable to work out who your friends as first. Not only are the odds on your side, especially early game, but it gives you a sounding board during voting and someone you can trust. If they saw something you can rely on it, whereas a random person could be an impostor.

Don’t report dead bodies immediately. The natural inclination might be to report as soon as you find a corpse, but in doing so and moving immediately to the discussion and vote costs you the opportunity to gain valuable information. Sure, you might have discovered the body late — but there’s a chance you could find someone fleeing the scene. You can always double-back and report the body, you can’t gain anything after the report.

As an Impostor.

Don’t rush for the revenge kill. There’s going to be a time where people are onto you, and the key is not to freak out. If someone unsuccessfully tries to vote you out, don’t turn around and immediately try to kill them. Sure, you might eliminate the person ratting you out — but you’ll also give yourself away in the process.

Instead of trying to kill instantly, wait and try to win the accuser over. Act like a crew member, make them question their own thought process, and eliminate you in the process.

Instead of getting defensive, be smart. When accused, you’re going to want to defend yourself in the vote. It’s human nature. Instead of professing your innocence, instead focus on the reasoning behind their accusation and poke holes in that.

If their logic involves you retreating from a room where a body was found, justify why you were. Think on the fly and use that as your defense, rather than pointing the finger somewhere else. As long as you’re in a reasonable group that uses logical reasoning they’re more likely to side with you.

Turn the tables on your overly vocal friends. People being loud is your window. It’s so easy to flip the script on someone accusing others endlessly by simply saying “You keep accusing people, maybe you’re the impostor.” This mere mention will drive them up the wall and make them super defensive. Remember what we said about being defensive? It makes you look guilty. Now, you can’t use this every game or people will be wise, but it can get you out of a jam in a tight spot.

Don’t be afraid to throw your friend under the bus. Remember, you both get the win if the impostors win — even if one is ejected. There might be times your fellow impostor does something extremely dumb and can’t be saved with an argument in the vote. Don’t hesitate to jump on board and get them booted.

Your goal is to remain undetected, and the safest way to ensure survival is blending in. If you’re quiet when everyone is overwhelmingly going to kick an impostor then it’s a dead giveaway you’re in on it.

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